“Life hack (or life hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. The term was primarily used by computer experts who suffer from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming. The terms hackhacking, and hacker have a long history of ambiguity in the computing and geek communities, particularly within the free and open source software crowds.” – Wikipedia.org

Welcome to crocdesk.com, the Ultimate Life Hack Blog

Sometimes it’s hard to “adult”, and I often wish that life came with an instruction manual detailing solutions to all the pesky and everyday things that get in the way of truly enjoying our precious free time.  And I’m sure you do, too.

We’re here to help!

In addition to our blog, we will explore and discuss common problems, such as:

You’ll find that our site is a veritable cornucopia of all the information and practical know-how you weren’t taught in school.  We will provide you with solutions to everyday problems and annoying chores through a series of informative articles, illustrations and guides. At crocdesk.com our contributors are avid life hackers and have devoted themselves to finding and posting only the very best and most helpful content. Relax and browse through our site, and please feel free to leave comments if you have found any of these life hacks useful.