16 Travel Hacks

We’ve collected these 16 useful travel hacks to make your travels easier!

#1. Enable private browsing when you book your flights. Travel sites will often increase their prices if you’ve been there before!

#2. To reduce static and keep your clothing smelling fresh as a daisy, place a dryer sheet in your suitcase.
#3. Wrap your clothes in tissue paper to reduce wrinkling.
#4. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to conserve space.
#5. Use a glasses case to organise your cables and chargers.
#6. Use a pill box to organise your jewellery and keep it safe.
#7. Underwear and socks can be stored in shoes to save space.
#8. Download your favorite mobile entertainment onto your mobile device to beat boredom on long trips and flights (we recommend kiwicasinos – maybe you’ll even win enough money to cover your trip!).
#9. Carry your shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen in straws to create travel-sized portions!
#10. Protect the head of your razor with a binder clip.
Travel Hacks: Binder Clip
#11. Line shirt collars with rolled up belts so they retain their shape.
#12. Slide the spring from a cheap pen into chargers to prevent them from bending and breaking.
Travel Hack: Pen Spring
#13. When booking seats on an aeroplane for two people, book the isle and the window. If nobody reserves the middle seat, you get the full row. If someone does book the middle seat, simply swap so you can sit next to your partner!
#14. Don’t forget that if you forget to bring your wall plug, you can charge your devices through the USB slots on most TV’s.
#15. You can get WiFi passwords by looking through comments on foursquare.com.
#16. You can use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps”. Then areas that are visible will be saved for you to access later.

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