Year: 2020

Life Hacks

Bright Ideas, Useful Life Hacks & DIY Gallery

A visual gallery of bright ideas, DIY Projects and simple life hacks to make everyday tasks easier. Hack your life! We also recommend an online casinos website for more great online gambling hacks. Use a fork to hold your Taco uprightPaint your keys with different coloured nail polish for easy identification Place your phone in a

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4 of The Best Investments

Diversification, diversification, diversification. This is key to investing your hard-earned cash and minimising risk. Diversifying your investments means that you spread your money over a range of assets and industries. We’ll explore a 3 of the best short-term investments with the lowest risk below: Forex Trading Forex is one of the largest financial markets in

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16 Travel Hacks

We’ve collected these 16 useful travel hacks to make your travels easier! #1. Enable private browsing when you book your flights. Travel sites will often increase their prices if you’ve been there before! #2. To reduce static and keep your clothing smelling fresh as a daisy, place a dryer sheet in your suitcase. #3. Wrap

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How to Drink Whiskey Like a Hipster

Whiskey Appreciation 101

Whiskey is forever associated with romanticism, and is synonymous with taste, nostalgia, worldliness, and creativity. Whiskey was the muse of numerous artists, writers, poets, and icons – from tormented F Scott Fitzgerald to hedonistic Hunter S Thompson. It’s no wonder, then, that Millennials and Hipsters (a bonafide subculture that was first observed in early 2003)

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